For Partners

For distributors

LLC "NPK Biotest" values each client is always open for cooperation in the wholesale of medicines, dietary supplements and tea drinks on the market of the Republic of Belarus and abroad.

GMP certified manufacturing process
high quality raw materials from certified European suppliers
multi-stage quality control at all stages of production
STB ISO/IEC 17025 accredited testing laboratory of the enterprise

For product supplies, contact:
Borovsky Dmitry Nikolaevich
Tel./fax: 80152 60-99-08
Tel: +37533 688 28 08

For suppliers

NPK Biotest LLC values each partner and is ready to take an individual approach to each proposal.

reliable purchasing partner
flexible terms of cooperation
are open to dialogue to find the best solutions in working with each partner

We regularly need supplies:

  • medicinal plant materials that meet pharmacopoeial standards
  • drugs in bulk (for the packaging stage)
  • packaging materials: packs, cellophane film, paper bag, boxes made of corrugated board, etc.

For supplies, contact:
Grokhovskaya Tatiana Cheslavovna
Tel .: 80152 95-13-31
Tel .: +375291897347

Contract manufacturing, services

LLC "NPK Biotest" offers its production facilities for the provision of services for contract manufacturing of medicines, dietary supplements and tea drinks, as well as services for
performance of individual production operations.

all necessary documents for the production of medicines
GMP certified manufacturing process: Packing stage
climate-controlled warehouses for storage


Also on the issues of contract manufacturing you can contact:
Nikolay Alexandrovich Doroshkevich
Tel .: 80152 96-71-46