NPK Biotest LLC is developing its own pharmacy chain.

Our pharmacy network operates a cumulative discount program for customers. The discount is provided for all products in our pharmacy network. The amount of the discount depends on the amount of savings:

Discount card NPK Biotest
1st level0.00-500 rub3%
2nd levelRUB 500.01-25004%
3d level2500.01 -5000 rub5%
4th level5000.01- 7500 rubles6%
5th levelRUB 7,500.01 and above7%

Any of your purchases increases the amount of your savings. A discount is provided for all products when purchased for an amount of 10.0 rubles or more. When buying for an amount from 1.0 to 10.0 rubles, the buyer receives a 1% discount.


- the amount of the discount cannot exceed the trade markup. If it is impossible to provide a discount of the specified amount, a discount of the maximum possible amount is provided

- discounts do not apply to discounted goods. Discounts on promotions and the discount program are not cumulative.

- the discount is not provided for goods purchased under insurance programs.

More detailed information about the discount program can be found in the Regulations on discounts dated 02.10.17 at the information stand of the pharmacy.